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Company Profile

The first thing to arrive at Billcon's destination is: "Advancing the Evolution of Convenience. "
Market-Achieving the potential of the Billcon brand. Technologies-Investing the assets of the Billcon brand. Value-Realizing maximum value.

Billcon products encompass bill counters, machines that issue certification stamps and other stamped documents, and customer reception system.
Although they are not necessarily seen by ordinary consumers, we are proud that we are creating reliable products of practical use to people.
And we will continue to search for, pioneer, and create products and markets in response to people thinking, "Couldn’t this be more rational?" or "If only a machine could do this."
We want to use Billcon’s unique thinking and technology to become even more useful — this is our philosophy now and for the future.

About the Billcon

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Quality/Environment Policy

  • We, Billcon Corporation, always try to up-grade the quality on products, service and business activity by improving the customer satisfaction and also do their utmost effort for reducing environmental load and preventing pollution.
  • We respect and follow legal regulations, agreements and all other required articles agreed by the organization.
  • Each department sets forth and execute their quality objectives, environmental objectives and target in every fiscal year.
  • In order to maintain the efficiency and adequacy of the quality policy and environmental policy, we will periodically review it and improve it continuously.
  • We try to improve skill of all the employees and have them participate into the management system.

The scope of the environmental management system

  • Development, design, manufacture and after service (spare parts supply, maintenance, repair, training) of office equipment at Billcon Corporation
  • After service (maintenance, repair, training) of office equipment at Billcon Service Corporation
  • Billcon Corporation, Billcon Service Corporation and their facilities located at 2-5-24 Kuji Takatsu-Ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa
  • Employee of Billcon Corporation, Employee of Billcon Service Corporation, Temporary Employee and On-site Contractors