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Currency Counter DL-2000

Easy to handle, but highly efficient. Quality performance within its compact body.

Billcon, a global leader manufacturing banking machines, now creates new currency counter DL-2000, which is designed for excellent performance in various needs of counting requirement.
Applying Billcon's own unique severe quality control system, DL-2000 ensures accurate/reliable cash counting process.

Currency Counter DL-2000

DL-2000 Specifications

Currency UP to 10 currency (under ALL function, count up to 6 currency)
Count speed High : 1,000 notes per-minute
Low : 800 notes per-minutes
Batch By Number, By Amount, Denomi Batch
Hopper capacity Up to 500 notes (depending on currency and banknote quality)
Stacker capacity Up to 200 notes (depending on currency and banknote quality)
Reject Capacity Up to 100 notes (depending on currency and banknote quality)
Detection MG, UV, IR
Dimensions W300 X D268 X H316mm (excluding Hopper Guide)
Weight 7.8kg
Power consumption 50W
Power supply 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.2A
Accessories Remote Display (ODLP-1)
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